Guarding Services

Being a professional Security Manpower Supplying Organization, Samad offers a wide range of services and equipment for all kinds of premises and operations. As the Company is fully committed to a quality service, Samad provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well supervised guards for security and safety of assets, personnel's and property. Guarding services training are carried out by way of providing guards for static posts and mobile patrols for all types of premises.

We believe that the success of our Guarding Division can be attributed to the way in which we approach this business. The Guards are fairly selected through Company’s policy and they are thoroughly vetted and properly trained. Samad guards are smartly uniformed and well equipped.

Selection Process

Our People are our most important assets. Utmost attention is given to recruit our personnel, in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as a per the Company’s policy. This includes education, age, previous background, physical mental fitness. Both male and female candidates are provided equal opportunities as well as those from the ethnic origins but attracting right type of candidate.