An Innovation for employment Promotion

Samad Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a manpower recruiting agency in Nepal which is established in 2009. Our of fice is located in the heart of the capital of Nepal. We are registered and approved as a recruiting agent with The Ministry of Labor & Transport Management, Department of Foreign Employment with the License No: 752/064/065. We have the professionals who could supply the right candidates to meet the desired / required job specifications.Nepal is blessed with huge manpower resources and our agency of fers prudent approach in mobilizing both skilled and unskilled personnel from Nepal to meet the requirements of our client in the Middle East and other countries.In order to keep up the standard of our service we accomplish our responsibilities from recruitment to getting the clearance of health fitness, Immigration formalities and booking of airline tickets. We maintain an update database with information of all categories of workers and professionals for ready reference. We conduct a trade test, interviews; verify the certificates, license and other certificates before accepting them for a relevant job.However, for recruitment Samad Overseas Pvt. Ltd. requires demand from the clients, power of attorney letter to the consular of the concerned Embassy in Nepal , visa advice for the group and a demand letter issued in favor of Nepal. Details are mentioned in the later part of this brochure. We hope, the information given in the Brochure is adequate to meet your requirements. However, we will be happy to response to any of your queries that you might have on our proposal. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our company`s profile and we look forward of doing business with you in the near future.

  • Vision

    Samad Overseas Pvt. Ltd., specializes in helping to provide right human resources to the clients in all aspects/features of the business start-up cycle from concept to operation.

  • Mission

    The vision of Samad Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is to be a recognized and well known leader in the region by fulfilling the dream of clients, i.e. foreign companies, via providing manpower recruiting services to foreign companies. This will assist to strengthen the financial condition of the country as well as the employers. It will further assist to achieve rapid profitable growth by ensuring that our clients needs are satisfied in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Approach

    • Samad believes that: What is done, is done perfectly well.
    • Fulfill client needs and meet expectations.
    • Incorporates quality, benchmarking and best practices.
    • Works with marketable technologies.
    • Subscribes to high ethical standards.
    • Pursues gender friendly environment and inclusiveness.
  • Objectives

    GFTTI is oriented in accomplishing the following objectives:

    • To identify job opportunities for skilled, semiskilled, professional, trained, experienced and even unskilled Nepalese human resources in their related field.
    • We aim to recruit right Nepalese worker at best position as possible throughout the world.
    • Negotiate for a huge number of Nepalese work force for better positions while recruiting to the companies.
    • Do cooperate with its all incorporate and even employee's family.
    • To fully comply with the laws of Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal.
    • To analyze and utilize the potentialities of huge number of unemployed Nepalese manpower.
    • o enhance the economy of our nation, our clients and our workforce.
    • Provide orientation on overseas employment.